Objectives of GFPS:


1. Student Advocacy:
– Advocate for the interests and concerns of pharmacy students, ensuring their voices are heard in educational and professional discussions.

2. Engagement Platforms:
– Create regular platforms for students to connect, discuss experiences, and foster a collaborative community among pharmacy students.

3. Quality Education:
– Enhance the quality of education through methods that prioritize student learning and align with industry standards.

4. Industry Alignment:
– Involve students in discussions about industry needs, ensuring syllabus patterns adapt to evolving industry and societal demands.

5. Recognition for Students:
– Introduce initiatives to recognize outstanding student achievements in academics, leadership, and community service.

6. Continuing Education:
– Facilitate opportunities for students to participate in continuing education programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance their skills.

7. Career Guidance:
– Provide comprehensive career guidance to assist students in making informed decisions about their future paths.

8. Student Publications:
– Encourage and support student publications, providing a platform for them to showcase their research and ideas.

9. Networking Opportunities:
– Facilitate networking opportunities, connecting students with industry professionals, researchers, and peers globally.

10. Community Outreach:
– Engage students in community projects and awareness campaigns, allowing them to apply their knowledge and contribute positively to society.

11. Student Awards:
– Establish awards recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements by pharmacy students, fostering a culture of excellence.

12. Curriculum Feedback:
– Implement a structured mechanism for students to provide feedback on the curriculum, ensuring their perspectives are considered for improvements.

13. Student-Led Initiatives:
– Empower students to take on active roles in organizing events, projects, and programs within the association.

14. Global Exposure:
– Facilitate international exposure for students through collaborations, exchange programs, and participation in global events.

15. Research Opportunities:
– Create opportunities for students to engage in research activities that contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge.

16. Database Management:
– Establish a student database for streamlined communication and collaboration within the student community.

17. Financial Assistance:
– Implement programs to provide financial assistance or scholarships to deserving students.

18. Student-Focused Events:
– Organize events specifically designed for students to showcase talents and engage in constructive discussions.

19. Mentorship Programs:
– Establish mentorship programs connecting experienced professionals with students for guidance and insights.

20. Student Welfare Initiatives:
– Undertake initiatives focused on student welfare, including mental health awareness campaigns and wellness programs.

21. Inclusivity:
– Promote inclusivity, ensuring every student feels welcome, supported, and encouraged in their pursuit of pharmacy education.